how bad?!

Quick list of how a single bag of plastic accumulates.

A single plastic bag. …
takes up to 1000 yrs to “break down”.

Because “break down” with photodegradation…
In which toxins are still poured into our environment.

“difficult to produce, and nearly impossible to get rid of once produced” -livestrong

Pollute during production

A years supply of bags used “60 to 100 million barrels of oil”

petroleum used to power a car for a mile is being used to produce about 146 plastic bags.

“air pollution and energy consumption” in their production.

And pollute After…

Animals commonly mistake them for food. ..
killing “Hundreds of thousands” yearly.

“100 billion” end up in the garbage yearly; Worldwide its about “500 billion to 1 trillion”

In their exact words…
“more than a million per minute.” are being thrown away.

For retailers; their yearly spending is “about $4 billion” on plastic bags.

In the Pacific Ocean lives the “plastic soup”; its double the size of the U.S.



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